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An individual game development to teach the importance of value-based decision-making.

Die individuelle Spielentwicklung Horizons als fertiges Brettspiel: Handelsschiffe und Kundenkarten mit Reputation und Aufträgen.
Initial Situation

Nowadays, every organization has basic principles or corporate values. However, these are not always applied consistently in everyday life. Often the cause is not a fundamental refusal to do so, but a lack of knowledge about them or a lack of understanding of the meaning, purpose and benefits of these values. The individual game development Horizons addresses precisely these pain points. A workshop with Horizons makes participants aware of the importance, significance and application of central principles and values of successful business activity: understanding corporate goals, customer focus, reputation and teamwork.

The Game

The participants' task is to successfully trade with customers who have different needs in the four-island state of «Tradingmare». Market share, turnover and reputation are achieved by fulfilling customer orders. Reputation is a means to an end. It determines which customers are willing to trade with a trading fleet. Only an excellent reputation makes it possible to trade with all customers. Only companies that succeed in aligning their thoughts and actions with customer needs and making value-based decisions will successfully master this challenge.

Die individuelle Spielentwicklung Horizons als fertiges Brettspiel: Handelsschiffe und Kundenkarten mit Reputation und Aufträgen.
Target Group

The serious game Horizons is aimed at companies that want to communicate their vision, principles, values or mission statement to employees. Participants do not need any special knowledge to hold discussions on values and gain insights into entrepreneurial thinking and action in this individual game development. This makes the workshop suitable for all levels and people with different backgrounds.

The Workshop

In the game, four teams or individual players each take over a merchant ship in a merchant fleet. Your own merchant fleet competes with one of your rivals for market supremacy and customer orders. The results are determined after 10 rounds. These are compared, analyzed and reflected on in the subsequent evaluation and transferred as measures into everyday working life. A corporate values workshop with Horizons lasts half a day and can be held in German and English. Customized scenarios for specific topics and messages can be developed on request.

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