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Manage Your Agency

A business simulation to train interactive leadership and sales for health insurance companies and insurers.

The Manage your Agency game board: customer advisors, customers, sales figures and customer needs as game chips.
Initial Situation

When managing an agency in the health insurance or insurance sector, it is important to optimize the areas of acquisition and acquisition of new customers, additional services, sales promotion and portfolio management using existing resources. Personnel management, consisting of deployment planning, promotion and development in terms of skills, motivation and work focus, is a central element that determines the success of the agency.

The Game

Playfully managing your own agency - Strategic planning, personnel management and personnel development are the relevant success factors for managing an agency - and therefore a must for every agency management. The business game "Manage your Agency" is a tool that has been developed to promote precisely these skills. Complex interrelationships between strategy, operations and management can be experienced and internalized in a playful way. The board-based management game takes these realities and presents them in a simplified but tangible form.

The Manage your Agency game board: customer advisors, customers, sales figures and customer needs as game chips.
Target Group

This leadership game was developed specifically for the needs of employees in the insurance and health insurance sectors and is aimed primarily at agency managers. It is ideal for leadership and sales training and can also be used for talent development or the assessment of candidates.

The Workshop

Participants are divided into teams of 3-4 people as part of a workshop with "Manage your Agency". Each team takes on the management of an agency, consisting of an agency management and its employees (e.g. customer advisors in the field and back office). Each team is given the same goals and decision-making options and operates in the same market. The participants have the task of managing the agency as successfully as possible, i.e. achieving or exceeding the targets and beating the other teams in the benchmark. A training session with the game system lasts 1 to 2 days. Along the rounds of the game, the participants repeatedly take so-called "practice trips" in the sense of input and training sequences, highlighting specific topics and tasks in their day-to-day work.

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