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Manage Your Project

A serious game to learn and apply the basic concepts and tools of project management.

The project management game "Manage your Project": Personnel resources for "Daily Business" and the project plan in form of a Gantt chart.
Initial Situation

Today's fast-moving corporate landscape brings with it many challenges. It requires organizations to be able to adapt quickly and be willing to change. New projects and initiatives must therefore be launched and implemented on an ongoing basis to take respond to these developments. Missed deadlines, resource misallocation, and communication breakdowns with stakeholders make it difficult to successfully complete crucial projects. These hurdles in project management can and must be overcome if a company wants to ensure its future viability and success.

The Game

In this board game, you take on the management of one or more development projects. Tight deadlines, too few resources and juggling the day-to-day business at the same time will keep you on your toes. During this project management game, you have to lead various projects to success using established planning tools such as project structure plan, task list and GANTT chart. On the game board, you can see the status of your projects and ongoing operations at a glance. This makes the complex dependencies involved in managing one or more projects visible and easy to understand. In addition to resource and cost planning for controlling, the managing of stakeholders and dealing with uncertainty and risk are also thematically embedded.

The project management game "Manage your Project": Personnel resources for "Daily Business" and the project plan in form of a Gantt chart.
Target Group

New project employees and project managers in particular benefit from this simple introduction to the complex topic of project management. However, this management game is also suitable as a refresher for experienced project managers or to give all employees a more holistic view of the connections between projects, daily business and long lasting success.

The Workshop

This workshop is held in groups of 2-4 people with a minimum of 8 participants. Depending on the amount and depth of theoretical input, between 1 and 2 days are required. The focus can be adapted according to customer needs to include more project management basics, other tools and methods, or a closer look at stakeholder and risk management.

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