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Ökonomikus Banking

A business simulation to experience all aspects of general banking.

Ökonomikus Banking game board with chips as representation for business banking interest and loan decisions.
Initial Situation

Banks are extremely complex organizations. It's not just your own savings account and credit card that depend on them; banks are also involved in buying a house, leasing a car, paying your bills and many other services. But how does a bank actually work? And who should know? The topic of "general banking" doesn't just apply to traditional bankers, al other employees and newcomers also benefit from knowing how their own organization works.

The Game

In the Oekonomikus Banking board game, participants take over the management of a "general bank", i.e. a bank without asset management or investment banking. In competition with each other and with the help of market information, as the management they have to make all the important decisions. These include personnel strategy, interbank business, conditions for mortgages and other loans as well as savings account offers, fixed-term deposits and more. These decisions influence not only the profitability of the services offered, but also the attractiveness of these services in the market. At the end of each game period, a balance sheet is drawn up and the performance of the individual companies is compared. Joint discussions on various strategies and decision-making criteria serve as preparation for the next financial year.

Ökonomikus Banking game board with chips as representation for business banking interest and loan decisions.
Target Group

Access to the Oekonomikus Banking board game is very user-friendly. Apart from a basic interest, no specific prior knowledge is required. This makes the simulation particularly suitable for anyone with an interest in banking. From apprentices to career changers to employees in support functions at a bank, this banking simulation offers an equal opportunity introduction to the topic of "General Banking".

The Workshop

The banking simulation requires a full workshop day. The implementation can be adapted to the desired target group by simplifying individual parts or adjusting the flight level of the theory sections. As this is a haptic game, the workshop must be carried out on site. In teams of 2-4 people and with a total group size of approx. 20 people, all participants can learn optimally. Parallel events are suitable for larger groups.

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