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Ökonomikus Strategy

In this simulation, complex multi-market multi-product situations are recreated to provide participants with the opportunity to develop and implement sophisticated strategies to successfully compete against the competition.

Game board of the strategic management game Ökonomikus Strategy: money chips in the profit and loss account and employees in the form of play figures on production machines.
Initial Situation

The business game method provides an excellent platform for strategic decision-making and business management. Participants take on the role of managers and are confronted with various scenarios in which they have to make strategic decisions in order to position the company successfully in the market. This not only promotes an understanding of the dynamics of the business environment, but also enables practical practice of strategy development and its target-oriented application in competitive markets.

The Game

An important aspect of the business game is the recognition of internal and external customer requirements. By interacting with simulated customers and analyzing market trends, participants develop a deeper understanding of the needs of their target groups. This awareness is critical for designing products and services that meet customer needs.

The simulation also highlights the importance and opportunities of leadership and management. As managers in the simulation, participants are responsible for taking over an existing company and leading it successfully into the future. Not only do they have to think strategically, but they also have to make operational decisions that directly impact the company's liquidity and bottom line. This provides a deep understanding of how leadership and management work in real business situations.

Overall, the use of the business game method provides a hands-on learning experience where participants can tackle complex business challenges. They learn how strategic decisions affect business and how to improve their skills in strategy development, customer requirements analysis, and business management. This fosters not only knowledge, but also practical application of these concepts in real-world business situations.

Game board of the strategic management game Ökonomikus Strategy: money chips in the profit and loss account and employees in the form of play figures on production machines.
Target Group

The intended target group for the simulation includes business students, professionals in middle to upper management, and participants in high-potential programs.

The Workshop

The event uses a facilitated business game with a physical game board to create a tangible experience. For groups of 4 or more teams of 3-5 people, spread over a period of 1-3 days, this workshop provides an outstanding opportunity for practical application. Of particular note is the adaptability of the learning focus to meet the needs of the client. This flexibility allows the focus to shift as needed, creating a customized learning environment.

A key aspect of this workshop lies in teaching participants how to effectively communicate their own strategy. Through the simulation, participants learn not only how to develop complex strategies, but also how to present them clearly and persuasively.

The versatility of this approach is demonstrated by its flexible applicability. Whether in training programs, workshops or events, the business game can be easily integrated and provides an interactive component that increases participant engagement and participation.

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