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Service Quality Game

An individual game development to train and convey practice-oriented knowledge on various business-relevant topics in a sustainable way.

Service Quality Game board with game pieces, dice and service requests in card form for employee training.
Initial Situation

As an interactive learning tool, the game will be part of the training programs to promote service quality and complaint management and will also be used independently by employees as part of learning game lunches. All retail banking employees should be given the opportunity to test and develop their knowledge and behavior in dealing with customer situations in a fun way.

The Game

In this practice-oriented and motivating learning game, players can apply existing knowledge, exchange ideas with colleagues and learn new knowledge that is valuable in everyday working life in a fun way. Based on the topics of service quality and complaint management, the game system was subsequently expanded to include other topics such as the advisory process and key business figures. The motivation to learn through play is also increased by a "Swiss Masters" at the end of the year, where the best players meet for the grand final.

Service Quality Game board with game pieces, dice and service requests in card form for employee training.
Target Group

All retail banking employees should have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and to practice their behavior and dealings with customers in a playful way in various game situations.

The Workshop

The Service Quality Game is played in groups of 4 to 6 people who manage their own department. The players choose a thematic focus and play independently using the game instructions. The game lasts approx. 60 minutes and can be played repeatedly due to the different topics available and the number of playing cards.

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