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Swatch Happy Nessie

A hybrid game to accompany the move to a new office building and the associated issues and questions.

The HappyNessie mobile app with a question about company culture and policies.
Initial Situation

Relocating staff to a new building can be both an opportunity and a challenge. For our client Swatch, we were able to develop a tailor-made game with a digital twin to accompany the successful move. Swatch's new headquarters in Bienne, also known as Nessie because of its serpentine architecture, has a lot to offer and brings many new features for everyone. Where are the toilets? What was that again about the "clean desk" policy? What functions does my badge have?

The Game

In preparation for the move to the new headquarters, a haptic version of the relocation game "Happy Nessie" was run. In this game, all the important points of the new rules, but also the new possibilities after the move, were played in the form of a guided quiz. The rules of conduct, catering options, infrastructure and site knowledge of the participants were put through their paces. Following this kick-off, all employees at the new location were able to strategically showcase their knowledge over several weeks in the digital version. It's all about glory and fame, but also about the sought-after leaderboard positions. This measure ensured that the workforce was fit for the new headquarters. The digital game will continue to be used for new employees to make it easier for them to get started.

The HappyNessie mobile app with a question about company culture and policies.
Target Group

This hybrid game development was designed for the entire workforce of the Swatch headquarters. In addition to accompanying the relocation, the game is also used for new hires.

The Workshop

The haptic game was played on site as part of a kick-off meeting. The later digital version of the game is accessible to all employees and is played on smartphones or tablets.

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