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Swiss Banking Game

A digital business game to understand the overall relationships within a bank and to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action in banking.

Digital representation of topics covered in the Swiss Banking Game: Basel 3, wealth management market analysis etc.
Initial Situation

Banks are part of a complex economic system that is strongly influenced by global economic developments, regulations or customer needs. Understanding the influence of these factors on service, innovation, stability or returns is a challenge. The gamification approach helps to promote the understanding of the interrelationships in a playful way.

The Game

As an executive and part of a management team, you will assume responsibility for an existing bank. Your task is to strategically realign the bank and to successfully lead it into the future. The market comprises several banks, which are in competition with each other. You will have access to various classic business areas such as wealth management, investment or business banking. Other topics such as changing regulations, the influence of digitalization or measures for employer branding are also part of this banking simulation.

Digital representation of topics covered in the Swiss Banking Game: Basel 3, wealth management market analysis etc.
Target Group

The simulation has a modular structure so that the complexity of the content can be adapted for different target groups. Training programs, e.g. for apprentices, trainees/graduates or executives can be enriched by this game. Basically, all target groups are relevant for which one wants to promote and anchor the overall understanding of banking.

The Workshop

A workshop or event facilitated by game solution, which lasts 1-4 days depending on the objective. On-site or digital. 2-5 participants form a management team and up to 8 teams can play in parallel. Each workshop is tailor-made for the client and the specific needs.

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