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Sales Funnel Game

A custom game development to train the process from lead to close using real customer examples while learning to use metrics to guide the process.

The Sales Funnel online training game on a laptop: representation of a sales funnel with customer orders and sales leads.
Initial Situation

A sales funnel is a marketing and sales term that describes a structured process from lead to close. In many sales organizations, this tool is only loosely applied. This is why many companies ask themselves the question: How can the process, the company strategy and the necessary product knowledge be trained internally?

The Game

With the Sales Funnel Game, customer-specific, realistic scenarios can be practiced with your own employees in sales. In the course of this serious game, various customer inquiries are analyzed, prioritized and answered. If successful, this contact leads to sales talks, customer interactions and ultimately to the sale or conclusion of a contract. Participants must use key figures and other information to decide where their limited capacity is best deployed in order to achieve the best possible result for the organization.

The Sales Funnel online training game on a laptop: representation of a sales funnel with customer orders and sales leads.
Target Group

Employees in sales and other sales roles, as well as teams in service or customer advice, can benefit from this digital serious game workshop. In addition to existing employees, this game can also be used for onboarding or internal training.

The Workshop

This workshop is conducted in teams of 3-8 people, each of whom is responsible for a sales organization. Several teams can compete against each other to achieve the best possible company result. The training lasts 1-3 hours depending on the scenario, but can also be enriched with further content, theory inputs and discussions.

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