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Ökonomikus Sales

A business simulation to increase the ability for strategic sales management and to promote the performance of sales teams.

Ökonomikus Sales game board with different sales department, finances and customer orders.
Initial Situation

Through "ÖKONOMIKUS™ sales", participants can develop a comprehensive understanding of sales and marketing strategies. This method promotes the development of a sound strategic mindset and deepens the understanding of business-related expenses and contribution margins. This enables participants to respond to cost pressures in a timely and appropriate manner.

The Game

The simulation also enables participants to better understand the role of sales teams and how they can help create a competitive advantage for the company. It illustrates the benefits of optimal coordination and highlights the importance of cooperation skills and teamwork for success.

In "ÖKONOMIKUS™ sales", participants assume the role of sales directors within a sales company that is divided into different sales regions and distributes several products. The main objective is to successfully manage their own sales region or market segment and achieve personal sales targets. At the same time, the participants in the team must achieve the company's overall sales target as well as strategic goals such as market penetration, market leadership, product leadership and market positioning.

As the market environment is highly competitive with various competitors with their own targets in each region and segment, participants learn to operate successfully in this challenging environment. They perform simple profit and contribution margin accounting and use derived metrics to make decisions and adjust their strategies.

Ökonomikus Sales game board with different sales department, finances and customer orders.
Target Group

Thanks to the modular system, it is possible to address different target groups, including sales and non-sales managers, strategic decision-makers, internal sales trainers and trainees.

The Workshop

The business game method is applied through facilitated workshops with small teams of 2-4 people. A workshop can consist of 4 to 6 teams, and several workshops can be conducted in parallel to accommodate any number of participants. The time commitment for "ÖKONOMIKUS™ sales" is at least 8 hours (1 day), and workshops can be conducted in different languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Mandarin. Other languages are also available upon request. The method also allows the development of customized scenarios and adaptations to specific requirements.

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