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Ökonomikus Basics

This management game places a strong focus on teaching entrepreneurial thinking and action, as successful companies need employees who possess such skills.

Board game with game pieces and red and yellow chips representing employees and financial resources for training purposes.
Initial Situation

Participants gain in-depth insights into business contexts through this business game and learn the concept of entrepreneurial thinking. They develop the ability to recognize potential for increasing profitability, gain an understanding of the interactions between different departments, and gain knowledge of how to introduce key figures in order to evaluate costs and earnings.

The Game

In the position of a manager, the participants assume responsibility for an already existing company and have to prove themselves in a simulated competitive environment. They independently make all relevant decisions and directly experience the effects of their actions by applying the basic principles of the business game method within the framework of this management game.

Board game with game pieces and red and yellow chips representing employees and financial resources for training purposes.
Target Group

The intended target group for the simulation includes business students, professionals in lower to middle management, and participants in talent programs.

The Workshop

For groups of 4 or more teams of 2-5 people participating in a workshop of 1-3 days, this concept offers a facilitated business game. A physical game board is used, which is oriented to the individual learning objectives of the participants. This adaptability allows for a targeted focus on customer needs. The system can be used flexibly in training programs, workshops and events.

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Ökonomikus Strategy

Game board of the strategic management game Ökonomikus Strategy: money chips in the profit and loss account and employees in the form of play figures on production machines.

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The Venice Project

Board game setup for the Venice Project serious game: player tokens, treasure cards and information for the participants in the communication and team building workshop.

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