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Northmen & Pharaoh’s Zale

An online workshop to experience collaboration in a virtual environment, optimize communication and information sharing, identify opportunities and challenges that arise and develop individual solutions for your teams.

Personen in einem Online Workshop für Kommunikation.
Initial Situation

Teams in a hybrid or remote setting are facing additional barriers to a traditional workplace. It is especially important to communicate clearly and with intent the necessary information needed for good teamwork. Digital tools and apps offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team, but at the same time it poses unique challenges. How can we build a good and efficient work environment in such a situation?

The Game

In this "serious play" workshop, they solve the two historical puzzles "Pharaoh's Zale" and "Northmen's Attack" together virtually. In the process, they learn and experience how to use and communicate in virtual space in a playful way.

Personen in einem Online Workshop für Kommunikation.
Target Group

Any organization that often deals with Teams, Zoom or similar tools and their use. Remote and hybrid teams benefit greatly from this workshop.

The Workshop

This workshop takes place in virtual space (e.g. Teams, Zoom, WebEx). These two "serious play" puzzles can be solved in groups of 4-12 people. Between the two puzzles, the participants will reflect on their task in a debriefing and can thus already incorporate initial findings into the second exercise. The workshop is scheduled to last approx. 3 hours.

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