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Project GOLD

The Search for the Lost Dutchman's Goldmine - experience the benefits of cross-team collaboration.

Game board with a desert setting: resource cards, gold, vehicle and game material for the serious game Project GOLD
Initial Situation

Today, organizations are restructured much faster to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. Different corporate cultures collide or teams are reassembled. Change management is taking place. As an organization, department or team, it is therefore important to constantly promote the need for teamwork. Tasks are becoming more and more complex, keeping track of things is becoming more difficult and often the team structure suffers as a result. The understanding of the effective goal or task or the trust and appreciation for each other, dwindle. Communication suffers and conflicts are inevitable. Team as well as cross-departmental collaboration are central. A common understanding of the objective is one of several characteristics of high performance teams. Experience has shown that serious games are particularly effective in creating an experience that addresses this issue and promotes teamwork.

The Game

This management game takes you on a treasure hunt. Divided into several expedition teams, the participants set out in search of success. Good planning, efficient communication, interdisciplinary cooperation and a clear distribution of roles lead to success even in the face of unexpected difficulties.

Game board with a desert setting: resource cards, gold, vehicle and game material for the serious game Project GOLD
Target Group

The gamified board game is suitable for all teams, organizations or persons responsible for personnel development who deal with team development, team building, cross-divisional cooperation or change management, for example. Other areas of application can be, for example, onboarding events to place the values, culture or vision of a company. It also serves as an icebreaker or kick-off for conferences and retreats as well as a corporate event or general training. Using the gamification approach, the serious game can also be adapted to specific needs within e.g. a leadership program.

The Workshop

A workshop facilitated by game solution with a physical game board. 3-5 people form an expedition team, whereby several expedition teams are part of an overall expedition. After an introduction to the objective as well as the challenge of the expedition, a planning phase follows. Under time pressure, the expedition teams carry out the expedition. Afterwards, the expedition is discussed and measures are defined on the basis of a debriefing tailored to the client's needs. Here, the focus can be placed on various topics such as collaboration, leadership, communication, change management or values and culture. The duration of 2 to 8 hours depends on the objective of the workshop and the topic-related inputs, feedback or transfer tasks.

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