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Venice project online

A digital serious game to experience the key factors of High Performing Teams.

Digital version of Venice Project Serious Game on a laptop: game character with treasures, puzzles and tasks for remote team events.
Initial Situation

From divisional or project teams to virtual or agile teams. The challenges are manifold for all teams and much more pronounced for teams working independently of location. Fostering cohesion, learning to lead from a distance, establishing clear communication in the virtual world and understanding the success factors of high performance teams are key. With serious games like the Venice Project Online VPO, key messages or visions can be transported in a playful form.

The Game

The starting point is a lateral management situation where each expedition member is responsible for his character and his behavior. This browser-based management game takes you on a treasure hunt in the catacombs of Venice. As an expedition team, the participants set out in search of success. Good planning, efficient communication, clear definition of objectives and good leadership will lead to success even in the face of unexpected difficulties.

Digital version of Venice Project Serious Game on a laptop: game character with treasures, puzzles and tasks for remote team events.
Target Group

The gamified management game is basically suitable for all teams that want to serve a need for team development. The digital and virtual approach appeals especially to remote working teams. It can be used as a teambuilding event to promote teamwork or as part of a training program, such as a leadership module on the topic of "feedback as a management tool", within human resources development. It can also be used as a team event or icebreaker for onboarding workshops or retreats.

The Workshop

A workshop facilitated by game solution with a browser-based digital serious game. 5 - 10 people form an expedition, whereby several expeditions can be carried out in parallel. After an introduction to the objective as well as the challenge of the expedition, the expedition follows. Within a given time the expedition members, autonomously as a team, carry out the expedition. After the expedition, the expedition is debriefed on the basis of a customized debriefing for the client, and measures are defined. If required, the focus can be placed on various topics such as feedback as a management tool or characteristics of high performing teams. The duration of 2 to 8 hours depends on the objective of the workshop and the topic-related inputs, feedback or transfer tasks.

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