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The Tower Game

A serious game to experience and apply the key factors for successful project management.

Lego Türme für das Tower Game: Verschiedene Rollen in Kartenform für das Projekt.
Initial Situation

Modern organizations are exposed to a wide range of demands and must therefore be able to change constantly in order to meet the needs of their stakeholders. These changes are often reflected in internal projects. On the other hand, organizations and institutions create value for their customers by carrying out successful projects for them. These and other types of projects require a well-stocked toolbox of instruments, knowledge and experience, which both project staff and project managers must have. In addition to typical stakeholder management tasks such as customer management, planning and risk management as well as a solid understanding of business management are indispensable success factors.

The Game

In this interactive game workshop, you will take on a project from start to finish together. Take into account special customer requirements and tight deadlines as you take on different roles and lead this project to a successful conclusion. Don't forget to use the project management methods and tools you have learned to your advantage. This serious game creates an understanding of the key factors for successful project management and lets you get hands-on and deliver a tangible product. The finished project can be compared between several groups and used to discuss the different solutions and processes.

Lego Türme für das Tower Game: Verschiedene Rollen in Kartenform für das Projekt.
Target Group

This game is suitable for both project staff and project managers with diverse levels of experience. It provides equal access to the most important success factors of project management and stakeholder management. "The Tower Game" can also be used as a refresher or kick-off for a project team.

The Workshop

Participants play in groups of 5-8 people. This serious game workshop is suitable for 5 to 300 participants in total and takes between 2 and 4 hours to complete. The project management game can easily be integrated into existing programs and courses of study. In addition, thanks to customized scenarios, the learning focus and the depth of the topic can be adapted to customer requirements.

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