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Decision Makers

A serious game to train and improve leadership and the skills needed for it.

Das Decision Makers Spielbrett: Personalressourcen, Projekte, verschiedene Abteilungen und Karten mit Führungsentscheidungen.
Initial Situation

Good leadership behavior often only develops with a lot of experience and over many years. Newly formed management bodies or new managers therefore often lack practical experience. On the one hand, aspects of entrepreneurship and a strong sense of personal responsibility should be included, and on the other hand, emphasis should be placed on an active feedback culture in the environment. Practicing in a realistic setting promotes action and management competences and allows team and leadership behavior to be trained. This also allows this workshop to be used as an indicator of development potential at an individual level.

The Game

In this management game, participants take on the management of a company. All players have resources at their disposal to fulfill their individual tasks. Depending on the situation, you will need the support of the other players in order to be able to fulfill your tasks optimally and at the same time achieve your personal career goal. Success is only guaranteed if the management succeeds in balancing their personal goals with the company's goals.

Das Decision Makers Spielbrett: Personalressourcen, Projekte, verschiedene Abteilungen und Karten mit Führungsentscheidungen.
Target Group

This serious game is designed for use in a workshop environment with middle to senior management. This can include both experienced managers as well as employees new to a management role.

The Workshop

The management workshop uses a board-based game and is therefore held on-site and in person. Duration of the workshops is 1-2 days (depending on objectives, program and number of participants). Workshops with 4 - 6 participants. Several workshop groups in parallel are possible. 1 trainer is required per group.

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