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Pearl Divers – A Decision Making Game

A serious game to learn methods for better decision-making and experience the cognitive biases that influence it.

Pearl Divers Decision Making playing cards and figures: decision cards "Back" and "Next".
Initial Situation

We make countless decisions every day. Many of them have only a minor impact on our success and the success of our organizations. As a result, we often only give half a thought when it comes to making decisions. In a New Work or agile working environment, more and more decisions are being delegated to self-organized teams. Those teams already deal with a lot of important information. This can lead them to just go with their guts and hope for the best. But how can and should sound decision-making take place? How can we make better decisions? And what cognitive biases influence us subconsciously?

The Game

In this serious game for learning decision-making, a group of brave explorers embark on a series of adventures. They start out in an island paradise, where alongside valuable pearls, all kinds of dangerous creatures can be found. How far will the team go to achieve the best possible result? And who will go too far?

Pearl Divers Decision Making playing cards and figures: decision cards "Back" and "Next".
Target Group

This haptic decision-making game is suitable for employees in agile and self-organized teams, as well as participants in leadership and management training courses. Players with different backgrounds and positions within an organization can benefit from knowing their own "biases". The serious game can also be used as part of a team event in order to engage with the different personalities in the group in a relaxed manner and promote mutual understanding.

The Workshop

The decision-making game Pearl Divers can be played as part of a workshop on decision-making. For the workshop, the game is thematically embedded and enriched with theoretical inputs and discussions on cognitive biases and decision-making methods. A session lasts 2 to 4 hours depending on the focus topics and is offered as a half-day workshop. The serious game is played in small groups of 3 to 10 people. Multiple, parallel sessions are possible.

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