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A serious game to apply and develop one's leadership skills and learn how to deal with conflicts and risks.

Ein Spielbrett mit Matterhorn: Kollaborierende Teams als Bergsteiger mit Ausrüstungskarten auf den Wanderwegen.
Initial Situation

Good leadership skills and dealing with conflicts and risks should be part of the standard repertoire in the modern business environment. However, these skills are often neglected in the hectic daily work routine or the right methods or tools are lacking to apply the knowledge successfully. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that nowadays leadership skills are no longer expected only from management, but from all team members. On the other hand, there is sometimes a lack of understanding of how these topics interact with the values and culture of one's own company. With this management game, we uncover the potential of your employees and help them to become a «high performing team».

The Game

In this management game, you take on the role of a mountain guide as part of a mountain tour company. Planning, risk assessment, time management and dealing with unexpected difficulties are required. In order to successfully complete the expedition, you will need all the skills that characterize you as a person in your day-to-day work and professional environment. This includes analytical thinking, results-oriented action and pragmatic decision-making. The serious game «Expedition Edelweiss» brings leadership principles and good cooperation to life and promotes efficient alignment with overarching goals, good communication and an understanding of the success factors of high-performance teams.

Ein Spielbrett mit Matterhorn: Kollaborierende Teams als Bergsteiger mit Ausrüstungskarten auf den Wanderwegen.
Target Group

Thanks to the multi-layered world of topics in this management game, it is suitable for training aspiring managers as well as developing experienced leaders. In addition to the focus on classic management topics, agile and self-organized working methods can also be experienced in the game. It is therefore also recommended for use in teams and departments with a strong need for self-management and independent handling of conflicts and risks.

The Workshop

A training or workshop with Expedition Edelweiss takes place on site at the physical game board. The participants are divided into one or more groups of 8-10 people and spend 3 to 4 hours with the management game and the topic-related inputs or feedback and transfer tasks. «Expedition Edelweiss» is versatile and can therefore be tailored to a specific learning focus at the customer's request.

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