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The Impact Game

How can you communicate the complex topics of sustainability, ESG and impact to employees in a way that shows all the different facets and possibilities?

The sustainability game "Impact Game" runs on a laptop: overview screen with company, resources, and economic, ecological and social key figures.
Initial Situation

ESG - environmental, social and governance issues - are becoming increasingly important and therefore appear high on companies‘ priority lists.

However, in order to bring the entire workforce along, a general understanding of how the topic influences the business is needed - and vice versa. This also defines the goals to be achieved with this playful instrument:

Supporting the cultural shift towards a purpose-driven company - Raising awareness of ESG/non-financial indicators - Empowerment of employees to act responsibly and „impact awareness“

The Game

The players take over a fictitious company operating in an international environment and are confronted with a variety of initiatives, all of which require resources and have effects on success and impacts. Different stakeholder groups assess the company's impacts, with sometimes very different demands being made.

In a constantly changing environment, the players experience over several rounds how the company is evaluated and how the demands - from inside as well as from outside - can be taken into account with strategic decisions. Thanks to the leaderboard and the fact that different paths are possible, the game is highly replayable without being moralizing.

Further information and links complement the discussion of the ESG topic and encourage reflection.

The sustainability game "Impact Game" runs on a laptop: overview screen with company, resources, and economic, ecological and social key figures.
Target Group

From management, to executives, to the remainder of the workforce - the digital game "The Impact Game" targets all employees of a sustainable company, or those who want to become one.

The Workshop

This digital learning tool can be used as a workshop as well as an individual, self-guided application on a license basis. A game lasts less than 30 minutes and is therefore ideally suited as a break or icebreaker during a retreat or conference.

For guided workshops, depending on the focus topic and time budget, the event can be enriched with input presentations and discussions to cover individual needs.

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