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Manage your Insurance

A serious game to learn and understand the overall context of the insurance business holistically.

Game board with customer advisors, policies, and insurance companies.
Initial Situation

The insurance business is very diverse and involves many different disciplines. From product development, risk analysis, investments, marketing and sales to services such as claims handling. It is a challenge to understand the overall interrelationships of all disciplines as well as the influence of external factors such as regulations, legislation, competition or global economic developments on the insurance business. By means of a simulation with gamification approaches, the complexity can be made more understandable in a playful way.

The Game

As a leader and part of a management team, you will assume responsibility for an existing insurance company. Your task is to lead the insurance company successfully into the future. The market comprises several insurance companies, which are in competition with each other. Each fiscal year, they decide as a team how to position themselves in the market. Decision-making levels include topics such as pricing policy, sales, product diversification, digitalization or claims handling. Important topics such as reserving, reinsurance or investments are also part of the decisions and represent the diversity of insurance management.

Game board with customer advisors, policies, and insurance companies.
Target Group

The simulation manages to break down the complexity of the business and is therefore suitable for different target groups. Programs for junior staff or management training can be enriched by this game. Basically, all target groups are relevant for which one wants to promote and anchor the overall understanding of insurance management.

The Workshop

A workshop or event conducted by game solution on site, lasting for 1-2 days depending on focus and topics covered. 2-5 participants each form a management team and up to 6 teams can participate at the same time. Each workshop is adapted and tailored to client wishes and requirements.

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