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Manage Your Store

A serious game to develop the management skills of sales and distribution managers.

Das Manage your Store Spielbrett: Personal, Inventar in den Auslagen des Ladens und Kundenbedürfnissen in Form von Spielkarten.
Initial Situation

The job of a Point of Sales (POS) manager is to oversee the day-to-day operations of a store. They must ensure maximum sales and profitability by focusing on key business initiatives. Therefore, POS managers should have organizational and business management skills and knowledge, such as coordinating multiple priorities through planning, managing and coordinating employees, and aligning operational activities with strategic goals.

The Game

In this management game, participants take on the role of a POS manager. With the help of human resources and using market forecasts and planning tools, the aim is to manage their own business as successfully as possible in direct competition with other players. The POS managers experience how several priorities can be managed simultaneously and improve their entrepreneurial thinking in a playful way by doing long-term planning and implementing a profitable strategy. This involves developing ideas to achieve business goals and increase profitability. At the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of the big picture of store management and the most important management tools required for the job.

Das Manage your Store Spielbrett: Personal, Inventar in den Auslagen des Ladens und Kundenbedürfnissen in Form von Spielkarten.
Target Group

The target groups for this sales game are prospective or new managers, POS managers, sales staff and trainees. It is ideal for promoting young talent and for further training.

The Workshop

This management game is used for workshops in the field of personnel development. Workshops are possible from 6 participants up to an unlimited number. The duration of a workshop is between 6-8 hours and includes several game rounds including evaluations and transfer tasks.

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