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Ökonomikus Hotel

The business simulation to promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting in a service company in an eventful way.

Cards with customers and other stakeholders with service requirements on the board of Ökonomikus Hotel.
Initial Situation

The business game offers participants the opportunity to apply and expand their basic knowledge specific to the service and hotel industries. hey learn to recognize and analyze the entrepreneurial and business contexts of a service provider. The characteristics and peculiarities of services as well as their effects on the success of a company are conveyed and understood.

The business game includes a holistic approach in which the participants make strategic decisions for the hotel in teams. These decisions span multiple levels, including strategic planning, operations management, marketing, sales, human resources management, guest services, and finance and accounting. Strategic planning is conducted on a quarterly basis, while operational decisions are made on a monthly and weekly basis.

The Game

The hotel is physically represented on the board and the teams use compact documentation as a starting point for their strategic considerations. A central question is which guest segments should be addressed with which offers and services in which quality. These considerations lead to informed decisions that influence the success of the hotel.

The interactivity of the business game enables the participants to act in a transparent market environment. In doing so, they meet competitors who also start with the same initial situation. This creates a realistic competitive context in which teams compete for guests, revenue and occupancy. The physical representation of the market reinforces.

The predefined structure of the flowchart gives hotel managers clear instructions on how to make their considerations and decisions. This allows for an orderly approach to the simulation and promotes understanding of the various aspects of hotel operations.

In summary, the application of the business game method with this business simulation game provides a dynamic and practical way to promote entrepreneurial thinking and action in a service business, particularly in the hotel industry. Participants gain a holistic perspective on the various aspects of hotel management and develop their skills in an interactive and lively learning environment.

Cards with customers and other stakeholders with service requirements on the board of Ökonomikus Hotel.
Target Group

With the ÖKONOMIKUS™ Hotel Training, participants acquire the following competencies:

Practical understanding of entrepreneurial thinking and acting based on a service company.

Application of your skills to a challenging case study: managing a hotel & hospitality business, including strategic and operational tasks as well as financial management.

The Workshop

From 8-24 people this board game can be conducted within 1.5-2 days. Input sequences for service companies as well as discussions on relevant topics enrich the workshop as needed.

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